Renewed Presence

After 2 years away, we renewed our presence at fairs. The debut could not have been more relevant as it leverages one of the areas we love to work on – Rehabilitation. We were at the IX edition of the Urban Rehabilitation Week by Vida Imobiliária.

It is undoubtedly an excellent initiative and focuses on very interesting aspects to consider in modern construction. The approach is comprehensive and ranges from awareness of the choice of sustainable materials to the importance of rehabilitation and recovery of architectural spaces, safeguarding the original design and decorative finishes.

From our perspective, essentially related to the decorative plaster finishes found in many buildings, the work is undoubtedly rewarding. It fills us with pride to perpetuate history and contribute to the recovery of spaces that sometimes seem to have no possibility of being renovated.

From our experience, whether using the replica service where we have a dedicated team specializing in the reproduction of plaster elements or the reinterpretation of environments through the elements that are part of our historical collection, it is more than possible to reconstitute and save the authenticity of these spaces.

Whatever the option, the important thing is to reinforce that our decorative plaster materials, as well as the material itself, are products developed with premium ceramic plaster, sustainable, highly resistant to humidity and high temperatures, do not need finishing and do not release chemicals. that can alter the indoor air, thus providing a safe choice for whatever your project.

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