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About Intergesso

For 20 years we have produced and distributed decorative ornaments made with 100% natural plaster. Intergesso was founded in 1999, in Portugal, and it soon became pioneer in inventing and innovating plaster ornaments.

In 2018 we did more than 50 projects in Portugal, and renovated the Presidential Palace and General Assembly in Luanda. Intergesso makes deliveries in Portugal, Europe, PALOP countries and we have factories in Europe and Asia.

Currently we have more than 3 000 decorative ornaments in plaster, more than 300 thousand pieces always in stock, and more than 5 collections of decorative ornaments in well known artistic styles. These decorative designs cover many artistic styles, from the Minimalist look to the ornate Baroque style, so that the customer has at their disposal a wide range of choices.

If the customer does not like any of the preexisting decorative designs, we also create custom ornaments with the design they provide.

Plaster interior decoration was our past, it is our present, and we want it to be our future.

Plaster has no shape, so it can be adapted into whatever you want!

Expand your creativity with our 100% eco-friendly plaster.

Gesso natural

Plaster Intergesso

Natural Plaster

How we select our plaster: Our unique plaster is 100% eco-friendly, with a sustainable extraction process, where we select only high quality natural plaster, which will be crushed until only a fine powder is left. After crushing the natural plaster only the finest powder is used to create our products.

For this reason, and because we control and supervise the extraction process from our plaster mines, only Intergesso guarantees plaster’s natural whiteness with no added chemicals or paint.

Thanks to experienced technicians who work on our plaster mines, we were able to create 3 unique types of plaster:

  • Standard Plaster
  • Innovative Plaster
  • Innovative Rustic Plaster

Our team only selects the highest quality plaster for production.

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We have been pioneers in the Portuguese market, since 1999, with our innovative plaster decorative ornaments

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