Charity Christmas Auction

Unique Art Pieces

Several artists joined this project to paint eight unique art pieces that will take part in Intergesso's Christmas Charity Auction. The Senses of Life collection merges handmade gypsum plaster, art and a good cause.

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Ceiling Centres R08, R5 e R36

Timeless and unique decoration.

This luxury project is also its owner dream. Within a two-hectare private land, it is comprised by eight suites located throughout three different floors and even includes an elevator with plaster-decorated door.

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Your Project in Real Size

Exclusive projection, in real size (1:1), prepared by our experienced team. So that you can see, with your own eyes, the relation between the different elements and space.

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Decorative ornaments in plaster

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With the aim of better satisfying the most ex-libris and unique requests of our customers, namely: Creation of replicas from the original part.

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