On-site and off-site

Gypsum Plaster Replicas

When our experts start working, there is before…



…and after.

With time comes charm but also some deterioration. Intergesso’s Replicas Service gives new life to pieces eroded by time, replicating the original spark.

Our experience working with replicas of historical pieces is wide and can make a difference in your project. We are passionate about our art and excellence is always our goal.

All replicas are produced with precision and diligence, by our experts, in 1:1 scale.  The delivery time always depends on the project’s complexity.

We take two different approaches to this service:

  • off-site, by receiving the original piece in our headquarters
  • on-site, by developing a model of the damaged gypsum

The on-site work usually happens in historical buildings where it is not possible to remove the elements, due to the risk of damage.

Do you have a piece or collection from which you want to produce gypsum replicas?

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