Renewed Presence

After 2 years away, the debut was with a golden key in the IX edition of the Urban Rehabilitation Week, one of the areas that we really like to work due to its authenticity.

Thank you for your preference!

From the return to full-scale trials to the growth of our online community and the continuous development of luxury projects, we managed to have a year marked by very positive moments.

Safe and Timeless Decoration

At Intergesso, you will find in our decorative pieces all the natural advantages of plaster, combined with the exclusive and refined design of our collections.

Illumination with plaster molding

The plaster moldings are a component of an architectural system whose main objective is reducing the volume of the space providing better thermal and acoustic insulation.

Where can you find Boiseries in Portugal?

The Boiseries emerged in France between the 17th and 18th centuries, influenced by the artistic movement known as rococo.

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