New Team to Preserve the link between Past and Future


To better preserve the quality and original shapes of uniques gypsum plaster pieces, but also to promote the art and different techniques required to manually work with natural plaster, Intergesso created its new department Conservar (a Portuguese verb originated from the latin word conservare – meaning to maintain intact, to keep, to preserve).

This new team increases the permanent company staff and aims to bridge the gap between past and future: the specialized technicians will be working with historical pieces and also developing new unique gypsum plaster elements, focusing on the maximum quality and high-level finishes. The attention to detail will be constant and key to surprise partners and clients on projects that require technique and precision.

Intergesso values sustainable processes and the company believes that sustainability is also achieved by education and knowledge sharing between different generations. The new department will have a strong training capacity and will try to attract and recruit apprentices that are interested in manual labor, sustainable materials and the art of working with gypsum plaster.

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