Illumination with plaster molding

The plaster moldings are a component of an architectural system whose main objective is reducing the volume of the space providing better thermal and acoustic insulation. However, when they appeared, their purpose was more aesthetic, as they helped to camouflage the installations and spaces where the roof was exposed. Despite the decorative moldings in Plaster having a lack of use for some years, they were recovered and once again inserted in the decoration projects, bringing greater charm to the environments. This technique allows not only to diffuse modernity and elegance to the room, but also to provide an alternative and sophisticated decoration, in the ceilings that were once straight and without style. Besides this intrinsic functionality, that work as a meeting point between the ceiling and the wall, the new moldings bring more advantages when applied as an extra way of lighting the room. Whether you choose a classic or contemporary style, at Intergesso you will certainly find the ideal models for you. We have several references of decorative plaster moldings, the ones that stand out are those that provide the application of differentiated lighting and that suit the room, decoration and trend that you like at most. The illuminated crown molding offer, we have products that allow the creation of open or closed crown moldings. Discover the differences here.

Open molding

– Indirect lighting, reflects to the ceiling;

– There is an open space to fix tubular fluorescent lamps, LED strip or light pipe, for example; – Allows the distribution of light bulbs in the lower part of the plaster; – Allows diffused and directional lighting.

Closed molding

– Recessed molding only when the wall meets the ceiling – It is not found in the entire ceiling area; – Direct light point, often other light circuits are distributed as spots that enhance the walls with a directable lighting.

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