Natural and Sustainable Elements

Our sustainable approach encompasses not only our handmade elements, but also the delivery packageg of our natural products. This way we are able to offer products with added quality, when compared to plastic alternatives, and also to preserve the air we all breathe.

But our ecological commitment goes well beyond our products and is being progressively implemented across our entire organization. The use of plastic, already reduced, has been restricted to the minimum and when is really unavoidable we always try to use reused and reusable plastic.

That is why we ask our clients, visiting us to carry our products on their personal cars, to bring old fabrics or cloths to accommodate their orders and protect the products in a more sustainable way. Plastic can take centuries to decompose and that is something we want to avoid, keeping our company on the watch for everybody’s health.

This way our logistics policy includes the goal to ban plastics and use reused plastic only in case of need. Small operational inconveniences are always overcome by the major benefits of protecting our planet and assuring our common heritage.

Our delivery packages are made out of wood, produced in-house and customized to every shipping, in order to accommodate your specif products in the best way.

With everyone’s collaboration and help, we are managing to reduce the use of new plastics. But we are only starting and we need to carry on.

By trusting in Intergesso you are taking care of the planet.

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