“The Game”

Intergesso will present “The Game” first-hand at Tektónica 2023!

This time, we have created a real modular panel for your family fun or simply, being you are the creator of your unique wall.

The panel will be a pattern base with 2 sizes that we will reveal on launch day. However, the rest of the pieces are already on display for the public.

The versions differ only in the sizes and weight of the parts. Both versions are produced in 100% natural plaster, as such it is fire resistant, does not have any chemicals, a child can safely handle the plaster piece.

That’s why this new product, presented here first hand, will only be shown to the public on June 1st, World Children’s Day.

With a modular panel as a base and with several different pieces, an endless number of patterns and shapes can be created.

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