The benefits of using non-flammable materials that are humidity resistant

Using a passive protection in your building is crucial when fighting against one of most destructive elements: fire. For this reason, it is essential to use non-flammable materials.

Protecting human lives and avoiding the consequences caused by fire damage are the main goals of Intergesso’s products, entirely non-flammable.

Plaster does not react to fire and blocks its propagation. Since it is a highly breathable material, it does not accumulate fungi or change when it is exposed to humidity.

Plaster-based building materials are organic, non-combustible and are frequently used as a protection against fire. In case of fire, plaster begins a process of dehydration, meaning, its crystallised water evaporates, creating a layer of vapour which delays fire propagation.

For this reason, we can recognise that plaster is a 100% safe material.

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