When you acquire a property of a historic nature, a commitment is made to respect as much as possible the finishes found in it. It was for this commitment that our Client contacted us. After some restoration and expansion works, it was necessary to rehabilitate the original ceilings as much as possible and reinterpret them in order to unify the existing language of the house in the new spaces.

This mansion in Lapa awakened our charm as soon as we received the pieces to be replicated in our facilities. Ornaments of sublime beauty, worthy of being saved. With our replica service, we were able to reproduce the main elements and guarantee the automatic replacement of some more degraded models directly with our pieces from the historical collection, making the rehabilitation even faster.

In addition, we were also able to insert moldings into the new ceilings for the application of indirect light, which, despite being an innovation compared to the original ceilings, fits perfectly into the space, thanks to the symbiosis between our historic models and the original models.