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Our plaster profiles in natural gypsum plaster are manually produced and therefore have all the unique and exclusive qualities of artisan products.
The small imperfections sometimes spotted are due to the natural characteristics of gypsum plaster and proof of our material’s authenticity. We work to preserve the natural beauty and essence of all products.
Ideal for a sophisticated and elegant interior decoration.
Contact us in order to receive detailed information about the installation process.

14,51  incl. VAT
14,51  incl. VAT
14,43  incl. VAT
12,83  incl. VAT
24,21  incl. VAT
22,99  incl. VAT
22,99  incl. VAT
13,31  incl. VAT
33,39  incl. VAT
25,67  incl. VAT
16,46  incl. VAT
15,74  incl. VAT

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