Intergesso launches a collection for those who treasure Lisbon’s historic architecture

It was back in 2016 that Intergesso, founded 20 years ago in Portugal, planned what would become the Lisbon Collection.

With 100% Portuguese craftsmanship, the collection’s main goal is to preserve decorative ornaments, in plaster. They were created in the 19th Century before the avant-garde movement began, thus preserving the artistic characteristics of the iconic Manueline and Pombaline styles.

Due to Lisbon’s historic centre rising housing market value, there was an emerging need for the preservation and recreation of traditional decorative elements, in plaster. Many of the property owners seek to recreate Lisbon’s history through the use of classical stucco ornaments. Even in remodeling works there is a present high demand for these nostalgic elements.

For the brand, the Lisbon Collection is the ex-libris of its portfolio, intended for those who cherish Art and Artisan-Made Home Decoration. In this category there are simple, complex or highly ornate elements, to remodel historic properties without losing its unique identity.

With this collection, Intergesso conquered new grounds regarding the restoration and recreation of decorative elements, making a strong impression in the luxury housing market.

In addition to the pieces currently in the collection, the brand challenges those who are captivated by custom decorations to create their own design, maintaining the genuine values of the City of the Seven Hills.

In Lisbon, from Estrela, where the company worked with architect Joana Aranha, to Baixa Chiado until Avenida da Liberdade, there are already several projects that have Intergesso’s signature pieces.

Intergesso believes in an artisan-made and authentic home decoration, so that traditions will not be lost with the modernization of spaces.

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