Charity Christmas Auction

Unique Art Pieces

Several artists joined Intergesso’s initiative to work with eight unique art pieces that will take part in Charity Christmas Auction, starting on the 10th of December!

Contemporary art meets handmade gypsum plaster for a good cause.

This project merges the creativity of the local culture, particularly affected by the pandemic, with the Intergesso never-ending journey to reinforce the quality and exclusivity of its products.

The value of these pieces goes well beyond aesthetics. The funds raised will be donated to Raríssimas, an institution whose goal is to help people with rare diseases.  

The winners of the auction will be announced on the 8th of January, in an event to take place in Intergesso headquarters in Seixal, with the presence of the different artists who painted the pieces and a representative from the solidarity institution.

We believe, however, that the true winners will be children and all the people who will benefits from the bids originated throughout the auction.

The collection Senses of Life is comprised by four senses and two versions of each one:

  • Olhar: in the shape of an eye, handmade in plaster gypsum;
  • Ouvir: in the shape of an ear, handmade in plaster gypsum;
  • Cheirar: in the shape of a nose, handmade in plaster gypsum;
  • Saborear: in the shape of a mouth, handmade in plaster gypsum.

The sense of touch is symbolically represented by the artistic work of the painters that elevates each one of the eight pieces.

The starting bid for each piece is 300€.

The bids can be increased with 50€ increments.

The artists who take part in this project are:

Carlos Pé-Leve
Luís Dias Ribeiro
Teresa Fuschini
Lisete Emídio
Andreia Pereira